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Elizabeth's Artist Statement and Bio My latest series of paintings, Rodeo Days, are inspired by the color, movement and texture that I have found at local rodeo events. Most of my paintings are developed from my own photography and focus on the competitive athletes and the distinctive personalities I encounter. As I work on the portraits that I create, they become character studies of colorful people involved in competition or rodeo fans caught in their appreciation of the sporting spectacle. The competitive, action paintings are inspired by the team work between the riders and their well-trained and enthusiastic horses. All of my artwork, no matter the subject matter, is contemporary in design and often quite abstract. I prefer big simple compositions and prefer to experiment with color and textural changes. I tend to work in series which are based on a selected subject matter. I base my paintings on own photography, which I use as a starting point for my creative process, is employed to create a series of sketches and compositions. My use of saturated and often unexpected combinations of colors is a key factor in my creativity. I create in my home studio in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. I come to painting from a previous career in business-to-business advertising and strategic marketing and a degree in English Literature. I have studied and been mentored by some of Denver's finest nationally recognized artists.